Wish / ORIGINーオリジンー

Usual landscape that doesn't change…
Days are passing me by as usual.
We live through with dissatisfaction.
Words keep questioning me.
We've been dreaming too big in this surreal world.

What does this world wish towards us?
Everyone is desperate.
What does this world wish towards us?
Nothing will be understood any more.
Tell me the way to change this world.

All things are going forward quickly against my will.
I don't know when I stopped thinking.
I just go with the crowd.
The sounds in my head cause throbbing pain.
I'm forced to go back to reality.

What does this world wish towards us?
I've been doing what I can do.
What more does this world want from us?
Selfishness is now commonplace.
It's high time we should change.

Many people say "NO"
But I'll never give up.
I'm going on my way.
I won't be pushed away.

What this world wants me to be…
I will not worry if it's wrong or right.
I'll do whatever I choose.
People say whatever they want to say.
I believe in my way.


作詞 : 仲間 千南
作曲 : 仲間 千南