【IA English C】 Why so Serious ? (習作的英語ソング No.12)



英語で作詞した「習作的英語ソング No.12」になります♪♪♪




lyrics ,music ,arrangement by MASAYOSHI MATSUNAGA in 2022
Vocal by IA English CeVIO
Illustration ,Video Editing by Punio ( https://twitter.com/puniotopunio )

YouTube: https://youtu.be/YEoNwon5Djg
ニコニコ動画: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm41456601

英語ボーカロイド(IA English CeVIO)による全編英語オリジナルソングのアルバム『a long journey around memories』、各種サブスクリプション・サービスにて2022年10月29日より配信しています。


1. a blue bird [Another Mix]
2. Lily K.
3. halfway through the terminal
4. Along the Oceanfront
5. Screens
6. an accident
7. a white little kitten [Another Drums Mix]
8. What a Thick Fog
9. The World Needs Our Memories
10. after a long journey
11. Why so Serious ?



CubasePro 12
XLN Audio RC-20 retro color

In use instruments :
・E.Guitar 1 : Native Instruments SESSION GUITARIST Electric Sunburst DELUXE
・E.Guitar 2 : Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus
・E.Guitar 3 : Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Archtop
・Bass : Spectrasonics Trilian
・Drums : XLN Audio Addictive Drums2


Roland RH
Windows PC Windows PC
WAVES WAVES Plug-in Bundle
Native Instruments KOMPLETE


One day when I was waiting for the bus ,there was a boy.
The little boy was looking down ,looking down at the ground ,sitting down.
At first I didn't notice him at all. Why didn't I notice the cute boy?
Maybe my mind was too busy ,too busy with many problems.

So I realized him sitting down next to me.
"What is given his gaze?"
There was a blue flower ,a very blue ,small and beautiful flower.
Suddenly the boy stood up and smiled at me and disappeared from my sight.
On a hedge ,there was a white little kitten purring cutely.

A gentle breeze blew ,fluffy white clouds were floating across the blue sky.
My mind was too busy to not notice how peaceful the world around me.
"What is the reason for my waiting for the bus and for getting to my destination?"
When I said to myself ,the little boy was running with a gust of wind ,in front of me.

"Why are you ,why are you so serious?"
The boy told me as if his voice made me awake from my daydream about our problems.
In broad daylight at the rural busstop ,that was a little occurrence.
It was the time I was waiting for the bus to somewhere ,alone.

"There're many problems around the world" ,I heard it from my cell phone.
The young man with glasses was talking to somebody quietly and seriously.
...Many wars ,poor crops ,children's starvations ,observation under governments...
My mind was too busy and daydreaming about all the problems.

"It's all right for your mind to be so busy
as far as you cannot forget loving ,loving the wonderful world."
The cute boy whispered and smiled at me waiting for something.

Then I realized I lost Love ,wasn't conscious of that
and my heart could not sing songs joyfully.
I couldn't notice the flower because I was daydreaming
,my eyes were closed in front of the world.

The trees were covered with green leaves ,white birds were flying...
I couldn't notice ,couldn't see all the sights.
At that moment a little old ,rusty bus arrived at the rural busstop where I stood.

"The world is far ,far beyond your imaginations
,although there're too many problems around the world ,but they're just bad illusions."
Leaving the words ,the little cute boy disappeared with a gust of wind
,at the rural busstop in broad daylight.

Why am I ,why am I so serious?
I say to myself ,riding on the rusty ,old bus rattling noise along a rural area.
A gentle breeze blows ,fluffy white clouds are floating across the blue sky.
It's the time I return to the ordinary life from solitude...
...With a little Love...

...Why are you ,why are you so serious...?
...Don't forget ,don't forget loving ,loving the world...
...Although there're lots of miseries all over the world...

06:05 / 320kbps


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